work in progress

images from skye on an imagined quilt ~ movement was meant to fall like fabric

moving topographical lines of a made up space ~ the land is in movement ~ creating a state of constant cartography

playing with blender as a video editing tool – using material textures to manipulate images and layer themĀ 

testing out armatures to create animations, using photos to texture objects, and instancing grassĀ 

inside a the wire frame view of something made with blender geometry nodes, thinking about different ways of visualising what is made, what can get lost inside of 3D models, something that feels very simple but overwhelming at the same time

testing different shaders to create painterly strokes digitally, the feeling is meant to be kinda watercolour like, underdecided whether it succeeds in that respect, but i’m interested in the outcome

the only thing was trying to render it felt like it was going to blow up my computer – how it manages to cope sometimes surprises me

digitally recreating a wren that my cat killed, i guess as a memorial