Instructions for navigating the 3D space 

You will enter into a 3D space when you click the ‘3D space’ link below. You are able to move around kind of like a video game.

Use the arrow keys to move through the space, and click and drag with your mouse to look around. The 3D space only works on a device with a keyboard and mouse.

Aspects of the space are interactive, so click on things

For anyone who struggles with navigating the space, there is also a video (click the link down below) which explores the space
There are other links at the top for contact, a guest book, and links to other work 

Thank you for taking the time to come visit
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3D Space                                                  Video                                                       Mobile  


fingers crossed everything should just work, you may be asked to allow a pop-up, this is just a redirect opening a new tab on the website so it’s all ok!
you may need to allow video and audio to play! but hopefully it won’t be an issue


So when you get to the 3D space, if you click the little lock next to the URL, then allow audio and video to play automatically (you may need to refresh the page), and also allow pop-ups, as these are redirects to different pages on the website, while not losing your place in the 3D space



you will need to allow media to autoplay to have the sounds playing, this can be done by opening up preferences, going to the websites tab and clicking on “auto-play”, then “Allow All Auto-Play”
Thank you!