rockface and sea ~ 2021 ~ on show at New Glasgow Society at Strata group show, funded by Creative Scotland

rockface ~ a jacquard knitting wall hanging, roughly 16,000 stitches, translated from an image of a rockface taken on a walk on Skye around a headland ~ naturally dyed wool (bog myrtle, and indigo and tansy), pine frame, cardboard, sewing pins

sea ~ a patchwork piece, made of about 600 5cm squares, the pattern made from the same method as the knitting, using a smaller 24×24 section from the larger 128×128 grid ~ linen and denim

ASCea ~ digital animation of the sea created from a series of 93 monospaced characters, created using blender, shown on a raspberry pi with a small monitor

i feel sew saw (2020) – fleece, velour, IKEA pillow stuffing, thread

speculative cartography (2020) – cotton, embroidery thread

how many knots                                                    (2019) – acrylic wool

until the knot

is not a knot,

not not a knot,

not, not not a

knot, a knot of 

nots, or not, a 

knot ————-

not sure

not making


a knot?

in knots (2019) –  acrylic wool
click picture for video

mirror mirror (2019) – raspberri pi, camera, projector, fabric, chicken wire, wire, pile of books




an experiment into live video relaying utilising a raspberry pi

textual analysis (2019) – acrylic wool

family photos (2018) – toilet paper, printer ink