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1 ~ being sent down the wrong link looking for something to listen to on

2 ~ screen recording of being sent to rather than .net

3 ~ google dictionary information on error, origin, use over time graph, and a short description from the browser url bar

4 ~ screen recording of blender shader trial, testing out an ASCII art shader on a downloaded 3d model of Rodin’s Gates of Hell

5 ~ two videos using the blender shader to create video masks, trying the ascii art with more and less detail

6 ~ the blender shader used with highlights in the image coming up as ascii art

7 ~ unwrapped images of textured 3d objects made on blender, far left a combined bake, middle normal map, right another combined bake

8 ~ thinking about time spent on webpages, screenshots from google analytics for this website, someone clicking on and off very quickly


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