born 1994
lives and works in glasgow

I am an interdisciplinary artist working through knitting and quilting, digital 3D modelling, film and animation. I’m an artist and researcher, excited by repetitive forms of making, working with quilting and knitting in dialogue with digital making and moving image. I’m interested in digitally mirroring and recreating, the disorientation that follows, and how that can alter the language of a space.

I’ve been  looking to examine a re-humanising of the digital, turning abstracted digital forms taken from photos and videos, into something that can exist in a physical space, sometimes close to the body, or sometimes just within domestic spaces.
In relation to this, I’m undertaking a process of coding the landscape, developing photographic and moving image work taken on Skye into a collection of textile pieces and a collection of animated vignettes. Through the vignettes I am looking to animate the imagery through text. The process is looking to give a vocabulary to the environment, while it isn’t one that makes sense, it feels like it intuits a poetry of the space.


untitled show ~ pipe factory, glasgow, 2022 (upcoming)
a remix of damage ~
reid gallery, glasgow school of art, glasgow, 2022 (upcoming)
 ~ new glasgow society, glasgow, 2021
Glasgow School of Art Graduate Showcase ~ online, 2020
are you well lightwell?  ~
 barnes building, glasgow, 2019
Mi O Vuku ~ McLellan galleries, glasgow, 2019


Sep. 2019 – Sep. 2020 ~ MLitt Fine Art Practice: Sculpture, Glasgow School of Art
Sep. 2013 – Jun. 2017 ~ MA (Hons) Philosophy and Economics, University of Glasgow


email ~ tomgraystone@me.com

instagram ~ tomtompotatotoe